Day One: Palm Beach Poetry Festival

After last night’s networking and dinner at the local Brazilian restaurant (thanks, Jim), this morning’s workshop brought me back to the personal growth purpose for being here. The group discussed my poem “The Rambler” and helped me move closer to a possible chapbook decision for that and all the other related poems. If not a chapbook, then at least a very separate section in a full length book.

This afternoon, Kim Addonizio read from her upcoming book on poetic craft, The Poem’s Progress. Addonizio used sonnets from Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Lucia Perillo and even Shakespeare. Though I haven’t personally considered Addonizio to be a New Formalist, that was how she was presented to the audience.

Campbell McGrath then gave a talk called “Peeling the Onion: Poetry and Specificity.” Examples he cited include “One Day at a Florida Key” by Robert Bly, “The Smokehouse” by Yusef Komunyakaa and “In the Waiting Room” by Elizabeth Bishop. I encourage you to take in the specificity of these poems for yourself but will tell you that according to McGrath the process might better be called “Rebuilding the Onion from its Concentric Selves.” Hmmmm…

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