What does the submission service cost?

There is a one-time, $50 registration fee per client. For each page of poetry digitally sent to Poetic Effect, there is a $2 fee for formatting. This fee is $3 per page for paper submitted poems. Each submission packet prepared for a journal is $10. Submission packets for chapbook manuscripts are $13 each. Submission packets for full-length book manuscripts are $15 each. Please note that Poetic Effect does not pay for the mailing of any submission packet from the client to its intended publication.

What is in a submission packet?

Complete postal journal submission packets consist of a group of poems; custom cover letter (where required); a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE); and a labeled envelope for mailing. Book- and chapbook-length manuscript submission packets consist of a properly formatted manuscript or query according to stated guidelines; SASE; self addressed, stamped postcard (SASP, if required); cover letter (if required); curriculum vitae (also if required); and a labeled envelope for mailing.

Complete online submission packets include: your poems matched to literary journals, deadlines and the publication’s stated submission method.

How many submissions would be prepared for me?

As few as five (5) and as many as ten (10) submissions may be sent out at one time. You decide on the number to be sent.

How do my submissions get tracked?

Once a database is set up for you and your submissions have been sent, you will need to notify Poetic Effect immediately when you receive a response from journals or presses. You are responsible for notifying other journals and presses if your work needs to be withdrawn. Poetic Effect will provide you with all the contact information you need to do so.

How often should I submit work?

You decide when and how often you would like to submit your work. More literary journals read during the fall, but many read year-round and some read only during spring and summer. Poetic Effect tracks which journals are reading at what time to maximize your publication possibilities.

Is Poetic Effect a literary agency?

No. Poetic Effect does not act as an intermediary between you and any publishers.

Is publication guaranteed?

There is no guarantee, stated or implied, that any manuscripts submitted will be accepted by any publisher to which they have been sent.

Will my work be edited prior to submission?

Poetic Effect will proofread your work but will not make changes without your approval.

Who may become a Poetic Effect client?

Advanced poets, whether previously published or not, are best suited to become Poetic Effect clients. Being an advanced poet does not necessarily require a degree in creative writing. An advanced poet is one who demonstrates skill in poetic craft and consistently produces polished poetry.

How do I become a Poetic Effect client?

Submit 10 (ten) sample poems to Poetic Effect. These poems will not be given written critique. There is no fee to review sample poems. Upon acceptance, you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire to be used in preparing your submissions and your custom cover letters.

Revised: 08/12/15

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