Language Abuse

Every writer has a list of particular annoyances when it comes to spelling and grammar mistakes. Below are two seen and heard in the Rochester, NY area this past week.

The first was offered by a female anchor during a live newscast: “has spreaded.”

The second was seen on a sign along the road at a driving range/miniature golf course: “birthday partys.”

Feel free to send me some that you’ve seen and/or heard.


3 Responses to Language Abuse

  • I suffer the same curse. Can't get past a sign that needs proofreading. In a very upscale neighborhood down the road, one cul-de-sac is named "Stones Throw". It's that way on the street sign AND on a very impressive carving in a boulder in the middle of the circle. When I called the sales office to suggest they get their money back from the signmaker and stone carver, the person had no idea what my problem was.

  • I have one question about the sign. Where was it at?


  • The sign is in front of the driving range/mini-golf place on Rt. 31 in Macedon.

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