Poetry Submission Resource: Duotrope

When I began Poetic Effect 10 years ago, I did so with the expectation of learning all that I could about the world of publishing poetry. In 2006, the main resource I used was the soft cover book Poet’s Market. I spent seemingly endless hours combing through listings, attempting to verify the accuracy of the information provided in its pages via the Internet (when possible; many publications did not yet have a presence on the Web) and other paper resources. Usually, the information was correct. Often, however, it was outdated or there were discrepancies since much could change between the time when editors would submit information for inclusion and the book landed on store shelves.

One of the online resources I have found to be top notch is Duotrope (https://duotrope.com/). Duotrope began in 2005 as an entirely free service to the public, providing a vast database of publishing information for both poetry and prose (and now a visual art category). A few years back Duotrope began charging an annual fee for unlimited access to all that it provides which includes a submission tracker for your own submissions, regardless of what manner one uses to submit (email, Submittable, etc.).

You may still reap a free benefit from Duotrope, however. By subscribing to the weekly newsletter, Duotrope will email to you lists of literary journals and publishers of books and chapbooks that have just opened (or closed) to submissions, listings new to their database, a list of defunct publications and a list of themed submission deadlines. You won’t be able to run a search without subscribing. The search function for poetry is not quite as specific as it is for fiction. This is the only minor shortcoming I have found for Duotrope in poetry.

On the few occasions when I have uncovered more recent information for a listing than Duotrope has had, I have contacted them and received a quick response expressing their thanks and their willingness to obtain the correct information.

While I do not use Duotrope’s submission tracker for myself or my clients since I have my own database template, I have found Duotrope to be well worth the $50 annual fee and I believe the newsletter to be the best free resource available. It is my hope that you will explore Duotrope to see how it may benefit you.

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